Turning on the lights

Hi there. I’m Virginia and I’m here to write about books, chat about books, share photos of books, and basically just totally nerd out over books.

Are you in? I hope so.

Here’s a little more about me:

  • I like books (duh)
  • I’m older than 40, and provide a unique perspective of being a middle-aged reader in the world of bookstagram and book tok, which is filled with a bit more Gen Y and Z than it is good ol’ Gen X. I’m excited to add my viewpoint to the mix!
  • I like *all* genres (except maybe horror) (but I could probably be convinced) but especially like fantasy, romance, and poetry.
  • In my day job, I work as a speech language pathologist in public schools. I care so much about the underprivileged, underserved, and under-loved people of the world, and books that deal with those issues are my absolute favorites.
  • I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I like to take pictures of books in beautiful places and share the photos on my bookstagram account. I don’t know if this makes me really weird or really cool, but either way, you get what you get.
  • I am a mom to two beautiful girls and a dog, and wife to the absolute best husband, my soul-mate and best friend. Truly. That’s probably why I love romance so much. I like to SWOON.
  • I do not like nuts in my ice cream, thank you so very much.

So welcome to my blog and get ready for some reviews and fun other posts about books, books, books!

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