Do you have a favorite trope when you’re reading?

What about in TV shows or movies?

It’s funny, I think some of what I like in books is different than what I like in TV shows or movies. But here are three tropes that I can never ever get enough of, in all forms of media.

Found Family

I’m such a sucker for the found family. When people think they are broken and abandoned and alone in the world, and then go on to discover “just kidding!” — there are people in the world for them, who get them, and who will have their back through it all. I can think of so many examples of this trope, but for me, one of the best will always be the crew in Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. Each character has flaws, but you put them together, and you get this perfect package. The sharp edges of each fit together so well, like a carefully planned jigsaw puzzle, and it is beautiful. If you’ve read these, who’s your favorite Crow? I identify so hard with Inej, but I also just adore Jesper.

Second Chance Romance

I feel like this is a trope that often gets overlooked/underrated because there are so many other beloved romance tropes like enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, slow burn, etc. But this one just takes the cake for me. I think it is something about the idea that no matter how much things may have gone wrong in the past, there is always the chance for redemption. And when that redemption happens, it is so so sweet. My favorite example of this trope is in the book Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren. This book tore out my heart and stomped on it, and then patched it back together, and I have never been the same. If you like this kind of emotional beating (what reader doesn’t? 😆), then I suggest you read this one.

Accidental/Reluctant Hero

This one is actually like crack for me. The hero who never wanted to be the hero, but finds they have to be because if they don’t, they will break the moral code they never knew they actually had until now. I’ve been re-watching the first two seasons of The Mandalorian with my family, and Mando is the perfect example of this. I mean, I guess he knew he had a moral code, but clearly, as a bounty hunter, he probably also never really thought too hard about what he was doing. He accepted jobs, brought in the beings he was paid to bring in, and got paid. But then along comes The Child and he is forced to really confront where his loyalties lie, what he is willing to ignore for money, and so on. And I am here for it times a million.

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