Book Review: Nevernight

Book Title: Nevernight (AmazonGoodreads)51tsMkwkC+L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_
Jay Kristoff
Genre: Dark Fantasy
My Rating5 / 5 stars


This book was phenomenal in every way, in my opinion. It is definitely a bit dark and a bit bloody, but I absolutely adored the narrative style, the characters, and the plot. The narrator had his own voice, like a storyteller relaying the events, and I loved that. It drew me right in and felt like I was there in the world. I loved all the tiny details and footnotes (but if you don’t like footnotes, you can totally ignore them and it’s no big deal). Mia Corvere is a formidable hero, and I like how we first meet her in the middle of her story, then the narration goes back to fill in her past in bits, interspersed with the present events happening for her. Life is tough for Mia, and it is tough for pretty much all of the characters in the story. But there is dark humor and wonderful dialogue to make you smile despite the darkness. I love the description of Mia’s darkin magic. It is unique and engaging, and how fun is it that one of the characters is Mister Kindly, a not-quite-there shadow cat?

black cat GIF

In short, I was swept up in the world and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. At the same time, I was working really hard to read slowly and carefully because the prose is so engaging. I didn’t want to miss a word! I won’t say much about the plot because I would like to avoid spoilers, but I will say that I was not expecting the ending AT ALL. And I love that! I can’t wait to dive into Godsgrave (book 2). If you like dark fantasy, sarcastic characters, and a good plot, you should read this!

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  1. Elaine Howlin Avatar
    Elaine Howlin

    Oooh I have to read this book!!


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